Reopening of Atelier Néerlandais: À propos – pandémie

Reopening of Atelier Néerlandais: À propos – pandémie

Atelier Néerlandais in Paris reopens with À propos – pandémie: de impact op kunst en kunstenaar, to be seen until 2 July.
Lotte Bosch

With the exhibition À propos – pandémie: de impact op kunst en kunstenaar the Atelier Néerlandais opens its doors again. The work of Claudine Grin, Michèle van de Roer, Louise te Poele, Désirée Engelen, Steven Wassenaar, Judith Kleintjes, Hein Duijnstee, Bart Koetsier and Studio Aeneae will be shown. All works made during and influenced by the pandemic.

The impact of these circumstances has led to new insights and working methods, that now can be shared with the public for the first time after the lockdown. In this way, Atelier Néerlandais reflects on what the past year-and-a-half as brought us but also looks forward to new collaborations in a post-pandemic world.

For instance, Michèle van de Roer kept a visual diary and photographer Claudine Grin’s work was greatly influenced by her research into conceptual photography. But sometimes it’s the direct effects of the pandemic that can influence art, such as Steven Wassenaar capturing the most vulnerable people in our society.

The Atelier Néerlandais is part of the Dutch Embassy in France, both a members association and a public platform for are cultural and creative entrepreneurs with a link to the Netherlands who wish to intensify their international position, especially in France. The hybrid and flexible structure of the organisation keeps it possible to respond quickly to currently relevant questions, such as the impact of the pandemic.

The exhibition will be open from 24 June till 2 July, every day from 12 till 17 PM. For reservations you can send an email to

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