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Zilveren Camera award for photo series 'Sinking Cities, Jakarta'

Zilveren Camera award for photo series 'Sinking Cities, Jakarta'

Photographer Cynthia Boll wins the Zilveren Camera award for her series 'Sinking Cities, Jakarta', a follow up of the project 'The People Behind The Seawall'
By Lonneke Bär

Dutch photographer Cynthia Boll has won the Dutch photography award Zilveren Camera 2018 in the category Documentary International for her photo series Sinking Cities, Jakarta. The series is a direct result of her photo project The People Behind The Seawall, that DutchCulture helped produce.

If precautions are not taken, one-third of Jakarta will be flooded in approximately 25 years’ time. On average the Indonesian capital is sinking by some 7.5 centimetres per year, while sea levels continue to rise and precipitation continues to increase. Over 20 million people are living in a city at risk. The People Behind the Seawall was Boll’s project to record the sinking city. DutchCulture supported it by means of the Shared Cultural Heritage Matching Fund and the winning photo series is a direct result of this project.

The award ceremony for the Zilveren Camera will take place on 1 February 2019. Sinking Cities, Jakarta is also nominated for the audience award.