Our information point aims to help Dutch artists and organisations by answering questions about cultural cooperation with Ukraine.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is launching an open call for cultural activities in Morocco for cultural professionals and institutions in the Netherlands.
DutchCulture & Marokkueer Zawya are proud to present the exhibition 'Queer your Ramadan' from 27 March to 21 April.
The evolving role of a cultural centre (1970-present). This third and last article covers the development of the Erasmus Huis up until the present day.
The great diplomatic turn (1960-1971). This second article covers a decade in which the relationship between Indonesia and the Netherlands changed dramatically.
Continuation of Dutch colonial structures in early postcolonial Indonesia (1945-1960). This first article covers the first years of Indonesia’s independence.
As performing in the United States threatens to become unaffordable, cultural mobility to the States is at stake. What exactly is going on? 
The Cultural Participation Fund launches an open call for initiatives that contribute to commemorating and celebrating the abolition of slavery.
On 8 December, DutchCulture hosted the DTPHN symposium at De Duif in Amsterdam.  
Dutch filmmaker Jordi Wijnalda visually captured the mission of the members of Futures-Oriented Museum Synergies (FORMS) in Berlin in an evocative way
The exhibition in the Rijksmuseum is focused on human actions. Emanuelson photographed in the Netherlands and the six Dutch Caribbean islands.
A recap of DutchCulture's most memorable conversations with artists, cultural professionals and experts: Artists in Conversation and Country Focus.
Our Creative Europe Advisor Julie Boodt explains how the European Commission is planning on realising the ambitions of the New European Bauhaus programme.
This is evident from a report by ABN AMRO and Women Inc. The representation of female artists in exhibitions and collections also lags far behind.
From 22 August to 1 September the CED will visit the ABC islands to meet with makers and organisations and give workshops about European funding opportunities.
Find an overview of this year's videos and podcasts, for example Artists in Conversation: Germany, Equal Exchange when working abroad and our Country Focus.
DutchCulture is an active member of EUNIC Global. Twice a year, the General Assembly gathers all members to discuss shared strategies and challenges.
Watch the video of our online programme about Dutch-South African artistic co-creation.
Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study NIAS invites researchers, artists, writers and journalists to participate in its 2nd international conference.
Is there a lost generation of young artists and creatives due to the corona crisis? The Council for Culture investigated the issue.