CocukIstanbul has developed a training method in which children between 8-12 are invited to rethink and redesign their neighbourhood. During Genc Kultur, CocukIstanbul is working together with Wereldmuseum (World museum) in Rotterdam to co-organise a series of workshops in both Istanbul and Rotterdam.

Photo: CocukIstanbul

Nederlands-Turks kindercultuurprogramma in 2018

In 2018 wordt het Nederlands-Turks kindercultuurprogramma Genc Kultur georganiseerd. Op deze pagina vindt u een overzicht van alle activiteiten.
14 mei 2018

Van april t/m december  2018 is er extra aandacht voor activiteiten waarbij de interactie van Turkse kinderen met Nederlandse kunst en cultuur centraal staat. Het doel is om de kunsthorizon van Turkse kinderen te verbreden, hun bekendheid met Nederlandse kunst en cultuur te vergroten, Nederlandse producten te delen die specifiek voor kinderen zijn bedoeld, en bij te dragen aan de bewustwording dat Turkse kinderen een grote en serieuze doelgroep zijn voor culturele makers.

In Turkije is het culturele, specifiek op kinderen gerichte aanbod beperkt. Terwijl 25% van de Turkse bevolking jonger is dan 15 jaar. Er is dus een grote doelgroep. Nederland kent een rijke en kwalitatief hoge kindercultuur. De uitwisseling binnen het Genc Kultur programma is niet alleen bedoeld om Nederlandse kunst en cultuur te promoten maar ook als een manier om het onderlinge begrip te versterken.

Hieronder staat een overzicht met alle projecten binnen het Genc Kultur programma. Het programma wordt gerealiseerd met ondersteuning van DutchCulture, de Nederlandse ambassade in Ankara, Nederlands Letterenfonds, Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie, Het Nieuwe Instituut, Fonds Podiumkunsten en Filmfonds. Daarnaast is Paz Istanbul onze communicatie partner tijdens dit programme.

Als u meer wilt weten over Genc Kultur of over samenwerken met Turkije, neem dan contact op met adviseur Veysel Yuce

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For the Love of Bee!
Partnership: Maria Sezer x Nil Ilkbaran x Güngör Erdem
Months: January-December


The project ‘For the Love of Bees!’ wants to foster awareness of ecological balance and stimulate an interest in beekeeping, especially amongst the younger generation. This project is inspired by the way school gardens in the Netherlands are used to teach children about nature.

In September and October, the fun continues with events in a Textile Printing workshop at the Mersin Science Festival in September 2018.

And then from October until December, there will be a Silkscreen Printing/Book-Making workshop at the Mimar Sinan University in Istanbul.

Kid-Eye View; redesigning the city with children TR--> NL
Partnership: Wereldmuseum x Informel Education - cocukistanbul
Months: April-October


Informel Education - cocukistanbul has developed a training method in which children between 8 and 12 are invited to rethink and redesign their neighbourhoods. During Genc Kultur, Informel Education - cocukistanbul is working together with the Wereldmuseum (World Museum) in Rotterdam to co-organise a series of workshops in both Istanbul and Rotterdam. The results of these workshops will be published on both websites and possibly be displayed in an exhibition in Istanbul.

Cinekid training

Partnership: Cinekid x 10 Turkish partners
Month: 19 September


The Cinekid Festival in the Netherlands is the largest children's media festival in the world. Children aged between 3 and 14 can watch new, unusual and striking films and television productions and play with new media installations. As part of the Genc Kultur kids’ programme, Cinekid is organising a one-day ‘train the trainer’ session, in which ten Turkish festivals and/or cultural operators will learn how to implement three different Cinekid children’s workshops during their own festival or event. Many of these events will take place this year, such as the Marmaris Short Movie Festival and the Atta Festival.

Istanbul Design Biennial
Partnership: IKSV X Pera Museum
Months: 24 September – 4 November


Pera Museum, in collaboration with Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV), is one of the main venues for this year’s 4th Istanbul Design Biennial from 22 September to 4 November 2018. At Pera Museum, the Scales School investigates the fluidity of taxonomies, quantifications, and institutionalised norms, standards and values to highlight biases and assumptions in our social, economic and intellectual agreements. During this exhibition, Pera Museum will be preparing an educational programme together two Dutch designers. More information soon.


Marmaris Short Movie Festival

Partnership: KLIK x Marmaris Short film festival

Month: 9 October – 14 October


In 2018, the Marmaris International Short Film Festival will be organised for the fourth time. Audiences in Marmaris will encounter dozens of films from Turkey and around the world, including a selection of short films from the KLIK Animation Festival. In addition, Cinekid workshops will be given during the festival.


Ankara Puppet festival
Partnership: Ankara Puppet Festival
Month: October


The International Ankara Puppet Festival is an annual festival that started in 2015. It aims to introduce Ankara audiences to the best puppet theatre performances from all over the world and to show the magical world of puppets. This year a Dutch puppet company will join the festival and meet its Turkish audience.

Atta Festival  
Partnership: BonteHond x Atta Festival
Month: November


Atta Theatre Festival is working together with BonteHond in adapting BonteHond’s play, Wanted: Rabbit. This absurd miniature theatre with finger puppets centres on a rabbit that cannot be caught by the authorities. The adaptation is performed by Turkish actors and is going on tour for a year in Turkey. The play will also help Turkish actors to improve their abilities in the children's theatre genre.


Dutch Children’s Literature: Istanbul
Partnership: Tüyap Kitap Fuari
Month: November

During the Tüyap book fair, Dutch illustrators and children’s book authors will meet their Turkish audience. They will also visit a number of schools and book clubs.


Professional Children’s Literature Exchange
Partnership: Dutch Foundation For Literature x Turkish Publishers Association
Month: December


As part of Genc Kultur, the Dutch Foundation for Literature will organise a meeting for Turkish publishers with translators and book promotors from the Netherlands. During this meeting, Dutch participants will present recently published books to Turkish publishers and exchange ideas with their Turkish colleagues.




Atma Kullan
Partnership: Rianne Koens x Banu Ugural
Months: January-March


Workshops held in different locations in Turkey, educating children about upcycling by effectively gathering/preparing and utilising discarded objects. The aim of the workshops: creating sustainable awareness, achieving waste prevention and stimulating creativity through participation.

Theater Rast x Theater Sonnevanck
Months: January-April


Kereltje is an existing theatre play developed specifically for children by Theater Sonnevanck and Theater RAST. These two companies will collaborate in translating Kereltje into Turkish and adapting the play for the Turkish market.

Workshop Gaming Ankara
Ellis in Wonderland x Bilkent University x BlisAnkara
Months: February-April


‘Design a game that will solve waste problems in your neighbourhood’ is the assignment game designer Ellis Bartholomeus (Ellis in Wonderland), working in cooperation with Bilkent University, gave to students of the BlisAnkara secondary school. The students used their newly acquired knowledge about game design to tackle waste problems in their neighbourhood. Ellis also trained some of the teachers at BlisAnkara to give workshops on game design themselves. During her visit, Ellis gave a guest lecture on games for the healthcare industry to game design students at Bilkent University.

Work visit: Turkish Museum & Art Educators
Pera Museum x Izmir Mediterranean Academy x IKSV
Month: March


In March, three museum and art educators visited the Netherlands to meet Dutch colleagues and see and experience some Dutch examples in the field of art and museum education. During their four-day stay, they met with 20 colleagues and visited six museums.

World Puppet Day
’t Magisch Theatertje x Tiyatro Tempo x Puppet Festival Ankara
Month: March


In celebration of World Puppet Day on 21 March, Tiyatro Tempo organised a week of puppet shows. The Dutch collective ‘t Magisch Theatertje performed on the opening night. Their shows have been critically acclaimed at the international level. They staged a wordless, purely visual play, both for children and adults. The theme of the play is universal and philosophical, in pursuit of closing the gap between nationalities.

Tursak Children’s Film Festival
Partnership: KLIK, EYE x Tursak
Months: April-May

The Tursak Children’s Film Festival travels to four cities every year. This year it visited Istanbul, Yozgat, Van and Erzincan. With the help of Genc Kultur, Tursak worked together with the Dutch organisations KLIK Amsterdam Animation Festival and EYE in showing short movies made by various Dutch animators. These shorts were shown about ten times during the festival.


Dutch Children Writer during Istanbul Tanpınar Literature Festival
Partnership: Dutch Foundation for Literature x Kalem Agency
Month: May


The Istanbul Tanpınar Literature Festival, one of the most important literature festivals in Turkey, invited Dutch children's book author Sjoerd Kuyper. Besides having the opportunity to connect with Turkish publishers, Kuyper engaged with Turkish children from three different neighbourhoods in Istanbul.

Meeting with Culture, Meshing with Art
Noa Haim & Maria Sezer x Palet Kúltür Sanat ve Egitim Dernegi
Month: May


This project is created for schools located in socio-economically disadvantaged areas. The aim of the project is to inform and teach Turkish and Syrian children about their rights and to stimulate a new generation that respects others, thinks independently and is aware of its surroundings. Also, to make adaptation to their environment somewhat easier by using artistic and cultural methods, including workshops, seminars, and field trips for the children and their teachers.


Work visit: Turkish Publisher
Partnership: Dutch Foundation for Literature x Can Çocuk Publishers
Month: May


The Dutch Foundation for Literature invited Can Cocuk Publishers for a work visit to the Netherlands. During this work visit, they met Dutch colleagues and learnt more about Dutch children’s literature.