'Read My World' festival curators Mahi Binebine and Fedwa Misk

Photo: Read My World

In the spotlight: three days Morocco, multi-linguality and feminism at Read My World

Read My World is an annual independent festival that celebrates literature and poetry in all its forms. This year's edition will be organised in Amsterdam.

The festival focuses on a new region every year, and this seventh edition of the festival has Morocco as its theme. The festival will host seventy writers, journalists and artists from Morocco and the Netherlands. By inviting two native curators - journalist and public intellectual Fedwa Misk and writer and visual artist Mahi Binebine - Read My World wishes to present Morocco's literary world in all its multi-lingual and multifaceted glory.

Photo: Will Matsuda
Going beyond the mainstream

It is Read My World's mission to create a platform for talented writers and storytellers whom may not be known outside of their region, to tell their personal and professional stories, giving their audience a unique insight into what moves them and what lives beyond the mainstream production of literature. The festival also wants to understand what literature can mean in the broadest sense of the word and pivots on the power of language, the written and spoken word.

In 2019, Read My World hopes to achieve so by designing programs which focus on essential and pertinent matters. With an all-female editorial team, the festival addresses matters such as sexuality in the Middle East, the Hirak (or Riff Uprisings), Berber identity in the diaspora, Motherhood and the importance of cultural heritage.

For this edition, the festival will collaborate with likeminded organisations such as the Nomadic Arts Centre Moussem, SLAA (organisation for literature activities Amsterdam) and theatre company and cultural platform Adelheid + Zina. Together with these partners the festivals has designed both traditional readings as well as theater performances, spoken word performances, dialogue and panel sessions and public debates.

When and where to attend RMW?

10, 11, 12 Oct at the Tolhuistuin in Amsterdam. More information and tickets: Read My World

In the spotlight

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