Andrea Posthuma, Creative Europe - MEDIA

I have worked in the cultural and audio-visual industry for more than twenty years, and in that time I have personally seen the structural changes brought about by digitalisation and internationalisation. The sector is continuously changing due to the rise of big platforms and changing viewer behaviour. It’s very exciting to see all the creative ideas people have and to be able to contribute in a small way by helping projects get greenlighted and to secure funding.

As the MEDIA programme manager at the Creative Europe Desk NL, my work involves the entire chain from film education and (talent) development to production, distribution and exploitation. I advise on and assist with subsidy applications, while also being involved in the execution of the European Commission’s policy. I love the challenge of finding ways to get things done and it makes me proud that the Dutch sector is so successful at making use of the European subsidy programme to create all this wonderful projects.

The cinema is an instrument of poetry, with all that word can imply of the sense of liberation, of subversion of reality, of the threshold of the marvellous world of the subconscious, of nonconformity with the limited society that surrounds us
Luis Buñuel