Dutch-Australian art installation Spice Winds at VIVID Sydney 2016

Australia: Commemorative voyage and Spice Winds

In summer 2016 the art installation Spice Winds (NL-AU) features in VIVID Sydney and the replica of the Duyfken will sail along the coast of Western Australia.

Dutch-Australian art installation
The Spice Winds installation is currently shining as part of VIVID Sydney. The installation is the result of a collaboration between the designer teams Studio Toer (NL) and mcdermott baxter (AU). It uses way-finding directional lights and the kinetic energy of the wind to pay homage to Dirk Hartog and his fellow Dutch East India Company sailors and their skills in traversing the treacherous seas of the Southern Hemisphere along the strong westerly winds known as the ‘Roaring Forties’. Orange flags direct the lights to illuminate the surroundings and the audience in accordance with the wind. VIVID Sydney is a cultural festival which combines light, music and ideas and takes place all over Sydney until 18 June.

Commemorative voyage
On 18 August, the Duyfken will embark on a ten-week voyage and cover a distance of more than a thousand kilometres, visiting several ports along the Australian west coast. In these ports, people from the local communities can board the Duyfken to view the interactive exhibition about the early Dutch exploration of Australia. The Duyfken will reach her final port, Denham, on 25 October, the same day that Dirk Hartog first set foot on Australian soil. In Denham, the Duyfken will be a feature of the Shark Bay 1616 Festival along with several other exciting events.