DutchCulture| Russia supports and promotes cultural cooperation between the Netherlands and Russia. 

The cultural ties between the Netherlands and Russia already exist for a long time. The countries share common cultural history, including stories and tangible artefacts. Despite the current complex relations with Russia, we aim to keep the cultural dialogue with the Russian creative sector alive.
Russia has a long tradition of achievements in many cultural fields, such as literature, ballet, classical music, architecture, cinema and visual arts, which all had considerable influence on world culture. The Russian creative sector nowadays has a dynamic character due to the combination of the cultural traditions and contemporary influences and initiatives. 

International Cultural Policy 2017-2020
One of the aims of the International Cultural Policy of the Dutch government is to offer more room for cultural contribution to a safe, just and sustainable world. In a world full of tensions, culture and creativity can contribute to greater social cohesion and a more open society that has room for cultural differences. Through cultural connections, the Netherlands wat to strengthen mutual understanding and trust with four countries around Europe: Egypt, Morocco, Turkey and Russia. 

Shared Cultural Heritage
Next to this objective, there is special attention for shared cultural heritage with a couple of countries, among which Russia. DutchCulture's Shared Cultural Heritage Matching Fund supports projects that contribute to greater awareness of shared cultural heritage. The Matching Fund is open to applications from all cultural disciplines. 

Working together
DutchCulture organizes gatherings, expert meetings and working visits of Russian cultural- and heritage professionals to the Netherlands. Do you have any questions about cultural cooperation with Russia? Don't hesitate to contact us for information and personal advise.



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