Dicle Gülşahin, Project Assistant TransArtists

I work for TransArtists as a project assistant supporting the website with regard to the database and creating content. I joined the team in April 2020, and I am happy to be a part of DutchCulture after years of admiring the organisation and its outputs.  

I hold a BA in Public Administration with a minor in Arts Management from Yeditepe University in Istanbul. I earned my MA degree in Innovation and Organization of Culture and the Arts from the University of Bologna. Throughout my educational career, I participated in all sorts of projects, from making a local map for young travellers to supporting a local theatre organisation with international collaboration. I also have a special interest in the discipline of cultural policy. In my journey as a cultural manager, I focus on making cultural means accessible to everyone, regardless of physical and social conditions.  

I also work as an editor for Showroom MAMA, a visual cultural platform in Rotterdam. In my leisure time I like to make lo-fi music, in which I combine Turkish pop culture with personal elements based on the experience of living in the Netherlands.