Culture Talk: Holland House & cultural exchange with Japan

How to make new connections between Japanese communities and Dutch creativity? Join our Culture Talk on Saga Holland House, Japan.
Wednesday 25 April 2018, 15:00 to 17:00

How to make new connections between Japanese communities and Dutch creativity? What is the significance of a Holland House in Saga? Join our Culture Talk on Saga Holland House and the new approaches of cultural exchange with Japan, with Vincent Schipper and Klara van Duijkeren, co-founders of The Future.

In March 2018, the Holland House was launched in Saga city (Japan), as a 10-month cultural institute that promotes Dutch culture and design in Saga. The Saga Holland House celebrates the lively cultural exchange between Saga and the Netherlands, by introducing new ideas into Japan through local presentations of Dutch ideas and solutions in design, art, architecture, water management and lifestyle.

Amsterdam-based publisher The Future was commissioned by Saga Prefecture to curate this interactive programme, inviting 4 Dutch artists/designers to reside at the Holland House, exhibit their work and communicate between the two cultures. From November 2018 till January 2019, The Future will close the program with an overview exhibition bringing together Saga and The Netherlands. 

The Future is an editorial and design studio, curatorial team, artist duo, and experiment focused and independent publisher based in Amsterdam. Their purpose is to give small and/or experimental ideas that could have a large impact, an opportunity to communicate through the print medium. Breaking away from the current idea of publishing, and returning it to the more classical meaning of making ideas public, they create space and potential for alternatives to emerge and enter our everyday discourse. By initiating, collaborating, and co-creating, The Future publishes through installations, exhibitions, researches, artist in residencies, lectures, workshops and festivals, which inevitably lead to printed matter — books, magazines, pamphlets, and the sort. Though based in Amsterdam, they collaborate and distribute internationally.

Date: Wednesday 25 April
Time: 15.00-17.00 hrs
Language: English
Location: DutchCulture, Herengracht 474, Amsterdam
Entrance is free, please sign up by e-mailing Ian Yang

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