Diana Blok exhibition at Tempo festival in Rio

Friday 10 October 2014   to Sunday 19 October 2014  
Group Exhibition

The 2014 edition of Rio de Janeiro's Tempo festival dedicated to the performing arts will feature the Uruguayan-Dutch visual artist and photographer Diana Blok with the street exhibition Adventures in cross-casting from 14-19 October. Blok invited Brazilian professionals in the performing arts to incorporate characters of the opposite sex that are representative in their careers. At the exhibition you can see Alamo Facó as Frida Kahlo, Barbara Paz as Andy Warhol, Camila Pitanga as Poseidon, and Fernando Eiras as Maria Callas among others. The photographs are to be seen at sidewalk billboards at the city's waterfront, stretching from Praia do Flamengo up till Recreio.

For more information (in Portuguese), visit tempofestival.com.br