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i-Portunus: online event on EU Mobility Scheme

i-Portunus: online event on EU Mobility Scheme

On 9 December, i-Portunus hosts an online event to provide discussions towards a more inclusive, connected and sustainable mobility scheme.
Thursday 9 December 2021 14:00–16:15

i-Portunus is a European Mobility Scheme that provides financial support for residency hosts, artists and cultural professionals. The funding scheme continues to support the mobility of artists, creators and cultural professionals among countries participating in the Creative Europe programme. This year, i-Portunus had two rounds of pilots in which the first project was managed by the Goethe Institute and the second by the European Cultural Foundation. The result of these two projects will be reviewed by the European Commision in order to design a final form of i-Portunus as a permanent action of the Creative Europe programme 2021-2027.

After these two pilot projects, managed by the consortium consisting of the Goethe-Institut, Institut Français, Izolyatsia and TransArtists, the i-Portunus runs to an end and will now be officially closed off with an online event on 9 December. In line with the European Commission's objective to set up the mobility scheme as a permanent action, this event seeks to provide inspiration for shaping a sustainable mobility scheme for artists and cultural professionals in Europe, that is open and accessible to all while taking into consideration environmental concerns and the impact of climate change.

When: Thursday 9 December, 14:00-16:15

Where: online.

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More information about the event and i-Portunus