Infected Cities #12: Athens

Infected Cities #12: Athens

On creative resilience in Athens in ongoing corona times: in what ways can we rethink systems and policies for a more social and sustainable future?
Thursday 17 December 2020 16:00–17:00

This episode was broadcasted live on Thursday 17 December. Watch the recorded video here!

Repercussions of the pandemic on Athens and Athenians

Greece, like many other European countries, is going to start the new year in lockdown until at least 7 January. In addition to the global pandemic, the country is struggling with a long-lasting economic and refugee crisis. How is Athens, often referred to as the ‘birthplace of democracy’, dealing with these issues? What are the consequences of these crises on its inhabitants, and what lessons can be learnt from them? We will have a conversation with experts and journalists about the most pressing questions the Greek capital is currently dealing with.

Athenian resilience through arts and culture

Athens is one of the world’s oldest cities and its (classical) tradition of arts and culture serves as an inspiration for artists around the world. Currently, however, the already struggling cultural sector is receiving little support from the government. Philanthropic foundations are alleviating some of the worst pain, but the situation remains dire. Greece is also lagging behind in digital developments, which does not make the artists' practice in times of corona any easier. We will talk with professionals from the different art disciplines as well as institutions to discuss their hardships and inspirations, and how they create hope, connection, empowerment and solidarity.


The moderator of this LIVECAST is Jennifer Muntslag (JNM the Naked MC: host, MC & theater workshop leader). Among others, she will be speaking with the following people:

  • Angeliki Douveri (visual artist)
  • Philippa Dimitriadi (journalist)
  • Theodora Malamou (artist and curator of independent art projects)
  • Lefteris Papagiannakis (head of advocacy Solidarity Now)
  • George Sachinis (co-founder UrbanDig Project Collective)
  • Matina Magkou (cultural manager and researcher)
  • Thomas Huisman (photographer, musician and researcher)
  • Sofia Spinoula (music events manager and musician)

The series Infected Cities is developed in collaboration with Pakhuis de Zwijger.

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