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Infected Cities #13: Warsaw

Warsaw, Poland
Lāsma Artmane on Unsplash

Infected Cities #13: Warsaw

On creative resilience in Warsaw in ongoing corona times: in what ways we can rethink systems and policies for a more social and sustainable future?

This episode was broadcasted live on Thursday 14 January. Watch the recorded video here!

Repercussions of the pandemic on Warsaw

After a relatively mild first wave, Poland is in the midst of a dramatic second wave of the COVID-19 crisis. The country goes in a lockdown until 17 January 2021. In addition to the pandemic, Poland is struggling with a number of issues: among others the deterioration of the rule of law, women’s and LGBTQ rights and the pushback of asylum seekers. These developments heighten Poland's controversial relationship with the EU. The last months a huge protest movement has grown sparked by the ban of most abortions. What are the socio-economic consequences of these crises on Warsaw and its inhabitants? What are the lessons learnt from the pandemic and what is needed to make Warsaw more resilient in these challenging times? We will have a conversation with experts and journalists about the most pressing questions the Polish capital is currently dealing with.

Resilience through arts and culture in Warsaw

The progressive cultural sector of Poland and the immense potential of it is often overshadowed in the news by the challenging political context of the country. In this LIVECAST we offer insight into the rich cultural life of Warsaw, and the difficulties the sector is facing in the pandemic. What is the role of culture in this unprecedented situation and what innovative projects have artists initiated in the capital? We will talk with professionals from different art disciplines to discuss their hardships and inspirations, and how they create hope, connection, empowerment and solidarity.


The moderator of this LIVECAST is Georgios Lazakis. Among others, he will be speaking with the following people:

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