Photo: Luiz Vaz

Visitors programme: Marocopedia to meet up with cultural professionals in the Netherlands

DutchCulture has invited Maha Sano from Marocopedia to share knowledge and discover possibilities for showcasing Morocco's unlocked heritage.
Monday 24 June 2019   to Wednesday 26 June 2019  

As part of our international visitors programme, Maha Sano from Marocopedia will meet several Dutch cultural institutions with ties to Morocco from June 24-26. Marocopedia is the first platform that is dedicated to the digitization of Morocco's heritage in all its diversity. It is an attractive combination between a digital museum and visual storytelling. 

She will visit the following organisations: Rose Stories, Jongerencentrum Argan, Zid Theater, Read My World festival, Jama el Fna festival, Atlas Cultureel Centrum and Stichting Multicultureel Jongeren Geluid.

Maha Sano is the co-founder of Marocopedia, a web platform that documents and shares Moroccan cultural heritage through video storytelling. Maha is committed to the cultural development of Morocco and inclusive access to education and information. She has ten years of experience in delivering Moroccan theatre, street art and photography projects.

The Dutch embassy in Rabat supports Marocopedia financially.