Visitors' talk by Erwin Maas on Pace

On Friday 21 April Erwin Maas will introduce the Pan-African Creative Exchange (PACE) during a visitors' talk.

21 April 2017

Ontbloem - Vrystaat Arts Festival 2016 (photo: Leopold Frechow)

The Pan-African Creative Exchange (PACE) is a new African initiative that aims to increase the global reach of the interdisciplinary arts industries in Africa and to contribute to the development of future work from the continent. 

Erwin Maas will introduce us to this new initiative in greater detail and have a conversation with interested artists, festivals, universities, foundations and arts organizations from the Netherlands.

PACE will be launched in July 2018 in Bloemfontein, South Africa in collaboration with the Vrystaat Arts Festival and the National Arts Council of South Africa. This biennial arts exchange and provocation for interdisciplinary arts in Africa includes performing arts, visual arts, arts & crafts, design, digital arts, and food. 

PACE is a platform to explore cultural exchanges and collaborations on both academic and professional levels and to showcase high-quality productions, art works & creative ideas from Africa to national and international producers, buyers, artists and the general public.

Together with his fellow co-founding directors Nike Jonah (Afrovibes UK) & Ricardo Peach (Vrystaat Arts Festival), Erwin Maas is exploring the possibilities of participation by interested parties from around the world.

Erwin Maas is a New York based theatermaker, teacher and international arts advocate from the Netherlands. He has worked extensively in Australia, Europe, South Africa and USA.

Date: Friday 21 April 2017
Time: 15.30-17.00 hrs
Venue: DutchCulture, Herengracht 474, Amsterdam
Admission: free of charge, but please register with Henk Heikamp (Advisor South-Africa) via
Note that the number of seats is limited: first come, first serve!