Istanbul Galata and Sultanahmet, Turkey

Photo: Selda Yildiz and Erol Gülsen / Wikimedia Commons

COVID-19 Information for cooperation with Turkey

On this page you will find information about consequences of the coronavirus for international cooperation with Turkey.


Latest update 19 November 2020

Measures Turkey

Additional measures were put in place as of mid November to contain the spread of the Covid-19 in Turkey. While business in the private and public sectors are encouraged to operate within flexible working hours, wearing masks in public and in workspaces is compulsory. The hospitality and catering industry and cultural venues such as cinemas, museums and theatres are closed. Shoppingmalls, hairdressers and barbers, and all other similar  businesses across the country need to close at 8pm. Complete lockdown is in effect during the weekend, except for between 10.00 am and 20.00pm. Some parts of the country have been subject to localised lockdowns and curfews for the age group over -65s and under 20 years old.

Current Measures In The Cultural Sector

The cultural agenda of Turkey includes many interesting activities this fall. All art and culture programmes are in line with the safety measures against Covid-19. Festivals, biennials, concerts and other social gatherings are organised on digital platforms.

Travel Information

Please check this link for travel information.

You can follow the Dutch Consulate General in Istanbul on Instagram and on twitter @NLinIstanbul.

Important Links

Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey.

Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey.

Twitter Account of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

For Travellers to or from Turkey see HES Code Turkey.

The report of Istanbul Foundation for Arts and Culture about the Covid-19 pandemic and art and culture: The Uniting Power of Arts and Needs of the Cultural Field During the Pandemic

Twitter Account of Istanbul Foundation for Arts and Culture.

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