AKV St. Joost
Other name (in original language)
Academie voor Kunst en Vormgeving St. Joost

Beukenlaan 1
Parallelweg 21 5223 AL 's‑Hertogenbosch
4834 CR Breda

AKV|St.Joost - School of Fine Art and Design, is part of Avans University of Applied Sciences and offers undergraduate (BA) and graduate (MA) courses in fine art and design. There are approximately 1100 students enrolled on our full-time bachelor and master courses.

AKV|St.Joost is located in two Avans cities: Breda and 's-Hertogenbosch. Both towns are situated in the south of the Netherlands, approximately 35 minutes away from each other. The schools have large open studios, workspaces, and numerous facilities for technical support, two libraries and media centres with a focus on contemporary art and design.