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Conseil International des Monuments et des Sites

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The International Council on Monuments and Sites is an association of professionals that currently brings together approximately 9500 members throughout the world. ICOMOS works for the conservation and protection of cultural heritage places. It is the only global non-government organisation of this kind, which is dedicated to promoting the application of theory, methodology, and scientific techniques to the conservation of the architectural and archaeological heritage. Its work is based on the principles enshrined in the 1964 International Charter on the Conservation and Restoration of Monuments and Sites (the Venice Charter). ICOMOS is a network of experts that benefits from the interdisciplinary exchange of its members, among which are architects, historians, archaeologists, art historians, geographers, anthropologists, engineers and town planners. The members of ICOMOS contribute to improving the preservation of heritage, the standards and the techniques for each type of cultural heritage property : buildings, historic cities, cultural landscapes and archaeological sites ==National Committees== National Committees are organisations that are created at the national level in the countries which are members of UNESCO. They bring together individual and institutional members and offer them a framework for discussion and an exchange of information. ICOMOS currently has over 110 National Committees. Each National Committee adopts its own rules of procedure and elaborates its own program according to the goals and aims of ICOMOS. Each Committee implements the programs proposed by the Advisory and Executive Committees of ICOMOS. * International Committee for Underwater Cultural Heritage * Shared Build Heritage Committee ICOMOS South African National Committee * ICOMOS Sri Lanka * ICOMOS Netherlands