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The New Holland Foundation is a foundation for mutual heritage.From the end of the 16th century onwards, the Dutch sought possibilities for trade overseas. Colonies, trading posts and forts were established in America, Africa, Asia and Australia. At the peak of the Dutch Golden Age, the colony of ‘New Holland’ was founded in Brazil, and it is to this colony, that the Foundation owes its name. The NHF focuses on mapping and spreading knowledge about the often forgotten shared history of the Netherlands. In this way, the foundation aims to contribute to the improvement of cultural relations between the Netherlands and the many countries the Netherlands shares a mutual history with.

See also: The New Holland Foundation is going to create an Atlas of Dutch Brazil, a unique publication on objects, forts and buildings from the Dutch Period in Brazil (1624-1654). For this purpose pioneering research will be done in European and Brazilian Archives, followed by on-the-spot archaeological field research. The aim is to launch the Atlas in 2016, the year of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. (Publication)

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New Holland Foundation
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Oscar Hefting


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