New Holland

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In 2010, Millhouse, LLC, won the tender for the restoration and renovation of New Holland Island. To help determine the concept and creative direction of the island’s development, Millhouse turned to the Iris Foundation, a non-commercial initiative for the support and advancement of contemporary culture and art, launched by Daria Zhukova. This collaboration resulted in New Holland: Cultural Urbanisation, a fresh approach to the restructuring and modernization of the territory, a monument of cultural and national historical significance. Among the ambitious objectives set by the project is the attempt to blend organically into the infrastructure of St Petersburg, to become a part of not only the city’s history, but its very DNA, representing the city both within the country and within the wider international arena.

Other name (in original language): 
Остров Новая Голландия


Admiralteysky Canal Embankment, 2
Saint Petersburg