Ian Yang
Advisor - China I Japan I South Korea
i.yang [at] dutchculture.nl

Mapping China

Mapping China

Mapping China provides an overview of the status-quo, trends and developent of Chinese cultural sectors for you to start successful international cooperation.

Updated in 2016, this mapping of the Chinese cultural field provides knowledge-based information about the following disciplines:


Extensive Reading - other available cultural Mapping China as reference

  • Joint mapping study MAPPING THE EU‐CHINA CULTURAL AND CREATIVE LANDSCAPE, published by the Ministry of Culture (MoC) of the People’s Republic of China and DG Education and Culture (EAC) of the European Commission in September 2015. This Mapping is aimed at investigating the status of EU-China stakeholders, partners and projects of common interest in the following areas: Cultural heritage, Cultural & creative industries and Contemporary art.
  • In 2014, On the Move published a repertory of web-links, developed to help artists and cultural players prepare their first travel to China – and make the most out of it. > Read more
  • In May 2014, Preparatory Action on Culture in the EU’s External Relations published the Country Report China examine the cultural situation, potentials and challenges in the respective countries, focusing on strengthened cultural relations between the EU and China.