Mapping Netherlands: Performing Arts - Publications

Donemus, Documentatiecentrum Nederlandse Muziek
Donemus, Publishing House of Dutch Contemporary Classical Music
The Hague
Donemus deals with the documentation and publishing of contemporary music composed in The Netherlands. The Foundation Stichting Donemus Beheer is the right owner of all contracts. Donemus Publishing takes care of the music publishing activities on behalf of the Stichting Donemus Beheer.

Luister Magazine (information in Dutch only)
Luister Magazine is a magazine for classical music with reviews and previews of concerts and recordings and information on musicians and composers. The magazine is published 8 times a year and has an offline and online edition.

Jazzism (information in Dutch only)
Jazzism is a magazine for Jazz, soul, Latin , world and blues music. The magazine gives reviews and previews of CDs and performances, and furthermore contains interviews with artists.

Gonzo (circus)
Gonzo (circus) (Dutch only)
Amsterdam and Remersdaal, BE
Gonzo (circus) is a Flemish-Dutch bi-monthly music magazine, first published in 1991. The magazine primarily focuses on contemporary musical genres such as jazz, improvised music, modern classical music, rock, noise, electronic music and world music.

Oor (information in Dutch only)
Oor ('Ear') is the oldest existing (pop) music magazine in the Netherlands.

3voor12 is the multimedia platform for alternative (pop)music of Dutch public broadcaster VPRO.

Theatermaker/Theaterkrant (information in Dutch only)
Theatermaker (TM) is a magazine about the scenic arts. It is published 10 times a year. TM focuses on artists and the art public. Theaterkrant is the online version of the magazine.

Dans Magazine
Dans Magazine (information in Dutch only)
Dans Magazine (Dance Magazine) is the only magazine in the Netherlands about dance in the broadest sense of the word: from ballet and modern dance to flamenco and salsa and many other dance forms. Dance Magazine is published 6 times a year.

8WEEKLY (Dutch only)
8WEEKLY is one of the largest Dutch cultural magazines on the Internet. It offers daily a diverse mix of articles, reports and reviews on film, music, literature, theater and visual arts.