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Turkey is facing a lot of challenges today, many of which also have an effect on the publishing sector. Two of the most important of these challenges are the limits on freedom of speech and a quick devaluation of the currency – the Turkish lira lost more than 40% of its value against the euro and US dollar in 2018, while the country ranks 157 out of 180 on the Reporters Without Borders 2019 World Press Freedom Index. This devaluation especially had its effect on the publishing sector, not only on the royalties paid to foreign publishers, but also on the cost of paper. Despite these challenges, most publishers continue with their publishing activities, although often by revising their publishing strategy.

Turkey remains a growing market for publishing, with an increase in both its number of readers, who on average spend seven minutes per day reading, and a growing number of titles published. As a result of Orhan Pamuk winning the Nobel Prize for literature in 2006, and also because of the political unrest, there continues to be inter-national interest in Turkey and its literature.

Collaboration remains high on the agenda for Turkish publishers. Not only through translation rights, literary festivals or translation workshops, but also on various other aspects involved in publishing. When speaking to professionals from the publishing sector, a recommendation made was to set up online platforms that may also orga-nise meetings and fellowships, and result in knowledge exchange. One subject in particular that is currently high on the agenda of Turkish publishers is a fixed retail price, but also discussions and professional advice on digitalisation in publishing is welcomed.

With regards to children’s literature, publishers mentioned more collaboration on children’s books as this is currently a very dynamic field in Turkey. Through collaboration they hope to mutually inspire authors and illustrators.

In short, despite the growing challenges Turkey has been facing since 2013, any form of collaboration is welcomed, and will help to further strengthen mutual understan-ding on publishing and readership in Turkey.

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