Mapping Turkey: 3D Design

Classic Turkish tea glass.


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The major changes since 2011 in the field of 3D design in Turkey are mainly related to the political and economic climate of the country. Although there was an increase in state support for R&D and branding activities, including product development, the positive impact of this has not been felt yet.The continuation of the Istanbul Design Biennial, for the fourth time since 2012, has been the major positive factor in the field of design in general. Under the name of De-sign Turkey Industrial Design Awards, the award scheme that started in 2008, with the collaboration of the Industrial Designers’ Association of Turkey (ETMK), the Ministry of Economics and the Turkish Exporters’ Assembly (TİM), has also continued despite some changes in its format and partnership structure. Incubation centres established for start-up companies, as well as co-working spaces and a co-working culture, have been other driving forces motivating design and inno-vation activities. Social innovation has also been on the agenda of the Turkish design scene and some initiatives have received entrepreneurship support.

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