Mapping Turkey: Music

BaBa ZuLa is a Turkish alternative musical group, founded in Istanbul in 1996.[1] With a wide variety of influences and a wide range of instruments, they create a unique psychedelic sound.


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Turkey, as a country spread across two continents, has a rich musical and cultural heritage. Art, folk, Western classical, ethnic, jazz and popular music cultures are all abundant. Musicians can find many fellow artists to collaborate with in areas ranging from contemporary classical to Alevi music and modern jazz to mainstream pop. However, funding institutions and audiences tend to favour collaborations that com-bine local and international and mix contemporary and traditional in the same pot. Projects that highlight the intersection of non-Turkish and Turkish cultural values and connect musical elements from both East and West will possibly be high in demand for future collaborations. The recent political turmoil in Turkey may have given the im-pression that there is not enough attention placed on the arts, but in fact there is. The local alternative music scene has increased the focus on local acts. Recently, jazz, Turkish psychedelic, Anatolian pop/rock, techno, house, indie/alternative rock, rap, mainstream pop and Turkish folk music are among the genres trying to grab the most attention. The Turkish jazz and alternative music scenes are full of very competent musicians who would contribute great value to the global music scene.

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