Amsterdam’s Global Cultural Footprint

Amsterdam’s Global Cultural Footprint

With its Arts Plan 2017-2020, Amsterdam is making a strong effort towards globalisation. DutchCulture was commissioned to draw up the city’s cultural footprint.

As reported by the Parool newspaper following the launch of the Kunstenplan, Amsterdam artists, creative professionals and art & culture institutes – especially in the disciplines of film, theatre, dance and photography – have spread out across the whole world, are reaching a global public, and are steadily climbing up the international ladder.

In its Kunstenplan 2017-2020, Amsterdam is explicitly pursuing the further internationalisation of the city’s arts & culture sector. The number of international partnerships and the range of international culture on offer in the city need to increase, and relationships will be forged between the local art & culture sector and other world cities.

Growth and developments
In the coming years, Amsterdam aims to organise incoming and outgoing missions and working visits in the field of art, culture, heritage and the creative industry. Already this autumn, the municipality will join artists and cultural institutes in a visit to Paris.

To map out the international manifestations of Amsterdam makers and organisations, the municipality commissioned DutchCulture to draw up a global cultural footprint based on the information compiled in Buitengaats. Go here to see the international growth and developments in Amsterdam’s cultural sector between 2013 and 2016.

Would you like to know more about Buitengaats or about the Amsterdam Global Cultural Footprint? Are you interested in having a similar map drawn up for your municipality? Then please contact Melchior Bussink.


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