The Arts Infopoint UK Visa Guide is now online

The Arts Infopoint UK Visa Guide is now online

United Kingdom
Planning a creative visit to the United Kingdom? The new Arts Infopoint UK Visa Guide helps you understand the available visa options.

Arts Infopoint UK is a pilot initiative developing resources to support international artists visiting the UK for creative work and purposes. They offer free, practical information and support to help artists, creative professionals, and organisations to understand the rules and guide you through some of the administration requirements for creative visits to the UK. They guide and support the continuation of international collaboration, opportunities, and experiences in the cultural sectors. They act as a central point for practical information and resources.

They provide information and guidance to:

  • international artists and companies coming to the UK
  • UK venues and companies who want to invite and host international creative visitors

They are a partnership of members from each of the UK’s Arts Councils:

Just like DutchCulture | TransArtists, they are also part of a network of Mobility Information Points (MIP) across Europe and the USA, and members of the On The Move mobility network. The MIPs work closely by sharing information, resources, and best practice on artist mobility between countries.

The Arts Infopoint UK Visa Guide has been created to help you understand the visa options available when planning a creative visit to the UK for work purposes. It aims to help international organisations, artists and professionals, as well as UK-based creative organisations, venues and artists who will be hosting and welcoming international artists to the UK. They aim to revise this guide on a 6-month basis, to ensure that the information they provide remains up to date.

The Visa Guide was co-drafted by legal professionals, but it does not constitute legal advice. If you do need legal advice, you should get in touch with a suitably qualified lawyer. Read the full Legal Disclaimer here.

An easy-read version of the Visa Guide will be available in June 2022. They will continue to develop additional accessible versions of the Visa Guide.

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