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Looking for mobility funding? Check out our updated Cultural Mobility Funding Guide 2021-2022

Looking for mobility funding? Check out our updated Cultural Mobility Funding Guide 2021-2022

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The latest edition of our Cultural Mobility Funding Guide 2021-2022 is out! Read more about funding for artistic projects in or outside the Netherlands.
By Laurens Meijer

Funding for artistic projects abroad and COVID-19

Mobility is an important part of artistic practice, but the pandemic has made this impossible for almost everyone in the world. The impact of the measures to prevent the further spread on creative and cultural professionals working transnationally cannot be overstated. Nonetheless, this period of working locally has created time and space to reflect on how movement of artists and cultural professionals relate to acute issues such as sustainability. How can we rethink working transnationally in more sustainable terms relating not only to ecological issues, but also from artistic, economic, human, intercultural and decolonial angles? DutchCulture and other organisations working in the field of international cultural exchange (RESHAPE, Kunstenpunt, WOMEX and Julie's Bicycle) are reflecting on this topic and will report on this in the months to come.

What kind of opportunities are listed in the Cultural Mobility Funding Guide 2021-2022?

The Cultural Mobility Funding Guide is limited to funding opportunities that increase cultural mobility, meaning activities with an explicit international component, such as residencies, international exchanges, international event participation, exploration and research, market development and touring incentives. This means that almost all listings concern project-based funding opportunities: activities with a clear starting and ending date. All opportunities listed have either regular or ongoing application deadlines, so no one-off open calls.

Due to the COVID-19 related travel restrictions and the subsequent suspension of mobility funding possibilities, opportunities to go abroad are limited. Public art funds are waiting to release funding until it is safe (based on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs travel advice) to travel and stay in the country of destination. At the same time, new temporary funding schemes have become available to support the cultural sector in the Netherlands providing some relief from the cancellation or postponement of (international) projects. Please visit the websites of the funds listed in the guide to learn more about current funding opportunities.

Other Cultural Mobilty Funding Guides

On the Move and DutchCulture have teamed up to provide you with this updated guide including information and tips on how and where to find funding for your mobility as an artist, a cultural professional or a cultural organisation to and from the Netherlands.

Did you know that our guide is one of a total of 60 Cultural Mobility Funding Guides that are available worldwide? Each lists its country's or region's specific funding opportunities for international travel and exchange for artists and cultural professionals. You can find them all collected on the website of On the Move.

While the travel restrictions hopefully continue to be lifted and worldwide mobility will be enabled once more, we will continue reflecting on the fair premises of mobility. “What does the promise of mobility mean to me? Who is joining me on my journey? What is the impact on my environment and my connection to place?” (Reshape – Transnational and Postnational practices manual). More questions like this, in the months to come!

Of course, there is always room for improvement. Do you know of other opportunities that might be added to the guide, or do you notice a mistake or inaccuracy? Do you still have questions about available funding, or wish to talk to someone about what opportunities might be most fitting for your international ambitions? Please let us know at infopoint@dutchculture.nl.

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