Floriade Expo 2022: Growing Green Cities

Floriade Expo 2022: Growing Green Cities

As of 14 April, Almere will be the stage for the International Horticultural Exhibition Floriade Expo 2022, with a floating art pavilion by Studio Ossidiana.

Floriade is a world horticultural exhibition taking place in the Netherlands every decade. This year is the seventh edition headed under the theme ‘Growing Green Cities’ in Almere. Together with the co-organisers – the NTR, the municipality of Almere, the province of Flevoland and the Dutch government – Floriade Expo 2022 aims to find systemic innovations and solutions for sustainable, liveable cities. In order to accomplish this goal, international forces from all around the world are joined to present a celebration of innovative ideas and best practices on horticulture. Over forty countries will not only showcase their culture, plants, flowers but also local inspiring innovations and architecture for future cities.

Open call Art & Culture programme

Floriade Almere also offers an Art & Culture Programme in which daily events of theatre, music, nature art, visual arts and movies will take place along with special events for children. Floriade is looking for culture makers from the Netherlands and abroad to expand their cultural programme. Feel free to contact Floriade if this is in your interest.

In collaboration with Studio Ossidiana, Floriade build a floating art pavilion in Almere that will open at the start of the Floriade Expo. The pavilion's design is a mix of architecture, art and nature, and features three circles: The Port, The Stage and The Observatory. The Port is a ring-shaped promenade on the water, where visitors can walk and which allows for outdoor programming. The Stage is an island that also serves as a terrace but will drift like a floating platform in strong winds. The Port is made from a terrazzo developed by Studio Ossidiana, which uses shells, mussels, clay and charcoal in reference to Flevoland’s soil. The Observatory has two exhibition spaces and is located on the third circular platform. The art pavilion is a precursor or annexe to a new art museum to be built in Almere in the next five to ten years. This museum will focus on accessible, appealing art, with an emphasis on large-scale multimedia art and landscape art. The pavilion will be located at the heart of Floriade Expo 2022.  

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