Exhibition 'Latent Spectator'

Photo: UNArt Center Shanghai

In the spotlight: Dutch-Chinese partner exhibition 'Latent Spectators' on view in Shanghai

17 December 2019
'Latent Spectators', featuring works bij Dutch and Chinese artists, will be on display at the UNArt Center in Shanghai, China, until 19 Januari 2020.

The UNArt Center and V2_ Lab for the Unstable Media work together in the fields of technology, art and education. They organised the exhibition 'Latent Spectators' that is currently on view at the UNArt Center, with the support of the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Shanghai. 'Latent Spectators' starts with a simple question: is the current focus on precision necessarily the way towards the absolute? The exhibition features works by two Chinese artists (Xin Liu and Lisa Chang Lee) and two Dutch artists (Coralie Vogelaar and Johannes Langkamp).

Exhibition 'Latent Spectator'. Photo: UNArt Center Shanghai
'Latent Spectators'

With our multitudes of data and scientific methodologies, we are not only feeding machines with a rigid yet narrow perception of the world, this also becomes our explanation of it. Is it worth interrogating whether these latent sceneries can be captured by human and machine? The exhibition invites artists who employ scientific methods to detect and reveal unnoticeable layers of natural phenomena in ourselves and nature, and map them into the sensorial realms of us. Showing that narrative does not lie merely in the alternation of device readings, but is also diffused into spatial and sensible experiences.

When and where to see the exhibition?

9 Nov. 2019 → 19 Jan. 2020 at the UNArt Center Shanghai, China

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