Market Analysis of the Cultural and Creative Sectors in Europe: A sector to invest in by the European Investment Fund (EIF), Deloitte and KEA (9 February 2021)

Market Analysis: A sector to invest in

European Investment Fund has published a market analysis that reveals how the CCS are worth investing in.
15 February 2021

Together with Deloitte and KEA, the European Investment Fund (EIF) has recently published a market analysis of the cultural and creative sectors (CCS) in Europe during the period of 2013-2017. The publication called A sector to invest in provides a market analysis of the figures behind CCS’s growth per year, discipline and country before the pandemic. It outlines the key trends, such as digitalisation and technological innovation, increased environmental consciousness and collaborative ways of working. The analysis reveals how the CCS are indeed worth investing in, for instance by providing a great number of jobs in all member states, fuelling content and valuing creation in other industries that depend on creative outputs. It also show that the CCS can play an important role in reshaping Europe’s post-pandemic social and economic structures and sectors.