Transformations of The Dancing Body: open call for papers

Transformations of The Dancing Body: open call for papers

Taneční Aktuality launches an open call for papers: what is the impact of the absence of live performances due to corona on the physical experience on stage?
By Janna Schwab

Taneční Aktuality, a Czech platform on contemporary dance news, launches an open call for papers focused on Transformations of The Dancing Body. The submission deadline for the abstracts is on 15 November.

What is the impact of the long-lasting absence of live performances due to the pandemic on the relived physical experience on stage? And how does this impact change the representation of the human body in the contemporary performance and dance scene? In response to this current debate, Taneční Aktuality invites writers about dance to submit abstracts addressing the explorative subject of the human body and its reflections in the field of dance and movement. International contributions to this open call are more than welcome.

Following the impact of the pandemic, maintaining a healthy body and mind became a true challenge. Especially for dancers and performers who use their bodies as a means of artistic expression, as Taneční Aktuality argues. They witnessed disconnection from physical experience, the rethinking of sensory perception, digitalisation of dance and objectification of the body. Taneční Aktuality aims to refocus on the essence of the human body, its possibilities and capacities within dance and performance, considering the shifting perceptions of the body on stage. Therefore, Taneční Aktuality challenges anyone interested in writing about dance to submit drafts tackling changing perspectives on the body in health, gender, age, race & ethnicity, psychosomatics & dance therapy, movement, the language of reflection of the body in dance, nudity and aesthetics considering the recent influence of the pandemic.  

When and where to submit 

The deadline for the abstracts for the Transformations of The Dancing Body open call is on November 15. The selected authors will be contacted by the 30th of November. The submission deadline for the full articles is on January 31 in 2022.

More information including the formal applications of the abstracts.

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