Face to Face connects youth from the Netherlands, the Unites States and South Africa to produce a piece of art together that expresses their common past and their ideas about migration.

USA: Exploring shared cultural past through social media

24 April 2017
Students from the Netherlands, the USA and South Africa presented art works as result of their exchange programme.

Students received certificates for their participation in the ‘Face to Face’ project. Face to Face is an international educational online exchange programme about shared cultural heritage between the Netherlands and its former colonies – in this case, the United States and South Africa – with a focus on migration.

Students from 15 to 18 years old from New Utrecht High School in New York and the New Orleans School in Cape Town communicated through social media and online workshops with Dutch students from De Werkplaats in Bilthoven about the common history between their countries and the meaning of migration nowadays. The results were jointly produced works of art that expressed their common past and ideas about migration. In these films you can see the students exchanging their ideas.