On October 8, the Futurium in Berlin hosts a programme on the skill of 'using' the future. Dutch futures are well represented by various museums and thinkers.
The 31st edition of the annual children's festival Momix for performance art, from 26 January till 6 February, hosts six Dutch shows and an exhibition.
With funding by Creative Europe MEDIA, Cinekid is developing a travelling MediaLab. "Our goal is to throw open the doors and windows to the world around us."
The cultural season opened in Poland, and there is a particularly rich harvest for the Dutch film sector.
On 22 August, the Norwegian-Dutch coproduction 'Dragon Girl' won an Amanda Award for Best Visual Effects.
With educational programme ‘De Wereld van De Oost’ Dutch high school students learn to get a multi-perspective insight into the Indonesian War of Independence.
The platform museum1524.com was launched recently. The aim of the platform is to encourage the exchange of art education programmes for youngsters.
In the spotlight: New Dutch Writing and the Airport Library by The Dutch Foundation for Literature before, during and after the pandemic.
A recap of the Never Grow Up! programme: wowing US audiences with Dutch culture for kids.
The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts brings Dutch theatre and dance for young audiences to the United States through Virtual Field Trips.
Big cultural events have gone digital. Here is how Cinekid, IDFA, ADE and DDW moved from offline to online and the international impact thereof.
Main goals for the cultural employees were to kick off the new international cultural policy framework 2021-2024, virtually meet and get inspired.
Hoe heeft DutchCulture internationale culturele samenwerking gestimuleerd in 2019? En welke thema's en activiteiten hebben we uitgelicht dat jaar?
Due to a cancelled book fair, the Dutch Foundation for Literature collected video clips from Dutch children’s books authors and illustrators.
The Hakawy Festival for Chrildren in Egypt and Belfast Children's Festival present a Dutch focus with 15 performances from the Netherlands.
The children's book 'Lampie and the Children of the Sea' and the illustrator of 'Little Wise Wolf' are nominated for prestigious prizes in the United Kingdom.
This year Hermitage Amsterdam is celebrating its tenth anniversary with several projects, including the educational project Museum 15/24.
On 6 December, the three ministers responsible for International Cultural Policy have submitted the new policy framework to the House of Representatives
Dutch children's literature gets a break through on the competitive American market, and it is due to international cultural collaboration.
Op 6 december hebben drie ministers het nieuwe beleidskader Internationaal Cultuurbeleid aangeboden aan de Tweede Kamer.