We look at Dutch international cultural activities in 2022, and explore how artists are finding their 'new orbit', after 2 years of athering restrictions.
An exploration of the needs, challenges and practices of welcoming and hosting forcibly displaced artists and art workers.
Seven museum professionals from Ukraine visited the Netherlands to share their stories with and have their voices heard by the Dutch cultural sector.
On May 15, the Cultural Participation Fund calls on cultural and social institutions from West Yorkshire.
DutchCulture & Marokkueer Zawya are proud to present the exhibition 'Queer your Ramadan' from 27 March to 21 April.
As performing in the United States threatens to become unaffordable, cultural mobility to the States is at stake. What exactly is going on? 
An international programme has been launched in Italy, that will put the spotlight on contemporary Dutch arts for children and youth for a year.
Samen met Vechtclub XL organiseerden we een evenement over de mogelijkheden voor internationaal cultureel samenwerken.
On 8 December, DutchCulture hosted the DTPHN symposium at De Duif in Amsterdam.  
Dutch filmmaker Jordi Wijnalda visually captured the mission of the members of Futures-Oriented Museum Synergies (FORMS) in Berlin in an evocative way
DutchCulture and Cobra Museum invited four young Moroccan and Dutch-Moroccan artists to shine their light on 'The Other Story' and on what art means to them.
TransCultural Exchange’s 2022 International Conference on Opportunities in the Arts: Create the Future
The exhibition in the Rijksmuseum is focused on human actions. Emanuelson photographed in the Netherlands and the six Dutch Caribbean islands.
Exciting upcoming ADE events you should know about.
On October 8, the Futurium in Berlin hosts a programme on the skill of 'using' the future. Dutch futures are well represented by various museums and thinkers.
This year has seen and will see numerous exchanges take place between Moroccan and Dutch museum professionals, offering new perspectives for cooperation.
Our Creative Europe Advisor Julie Boodt explains how the European Commission is planning on realising the ambitions of the New European Bauhaus programme.
Promoting deeper communication between China and the Netherlands is one of the main motivations for this exhibition project.
From 22 August to 1 September the CED will visit the ABC islands to meet with makers and organisations and give workshops about European funding opportunities.
Information and networking event for young artists at Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival in Groningen.