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Redtory Art & Design Factory (Guangzhou, Beijing)

She’s part of the city’s history. The traces of time and slogans from the last century all together witness the existence of an age, which stir emotions and make people muse over memories of the past …

In the spring of 2009, we were here to sow the first seed, from then on the abandoned old industrial factory buildings are revitalized. Having been through all these years, she’s now displaying the glory of an age, and telling stories to us, who are going to continue the history. Ideas sparkle here and there, while the new and the old burst into striking power. She, therefore, becomes attractive to the cutting-edge strength in the society. Today as creative industry replaces traditional industry, creativity has started the engine of a new time.

Guangzhou Redtory Art & Design Factory is located at the east side of the center axis through the CBD of Guangzhou, Zhujiang New Town. With full scenery on the north bank of the Pearl River in view, Redtory faces Pazhou International Exhibition Center across the lake in the south; in the north, it is the Tianhe business center, making it a precious creative district at the center of Guangzhou city replete with artistry and cultural atmosphere.

Apart from the geometrical central axis, Redtory forms a cultural central axis along with Guangdong Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou Opera House, Guangdong Museum, new Guangzhou Library and Guangzhou TV Tower.

Following international standards for creative districts, Redtory has nourished comprehensive cultural industries and made herself the CAD (Central Art District) in Guangzhou’s CBD. Since the establishment, Redtory has attracted globally famous galleries, designer and artist’s studios, art spaces, media, academic/art organizations, fashion stores, clubs, characteristic cafes to build up their offices or shops in the district. Now Redtory is gaining influence in both China and abroad.