DutchCulture | Russia supports and promotes cultural cooperation between the Netherlands and Russia.

Russia is a priority country in the international cultural policy of the Netherlands. As a result of this status, the Dutch diplomatic posts in Moscow and St. Petersburg receive extra attention, resources and personnel. Russia is also a priority country in the Shared Cultural Heritage programme. These countries have a mutually shared cultural history, including stories and tangible artefacts.

In 2013, DutchCulture coordinated the cultural programme for the Netherlands–Russia Year. Besides a great number of special projects, this also provided a good deal of knowledge and experience that can contribute to successful cultural exchanges with Russia in the future.

New Forms of Cultural Collaboration
The currently complex relations with Russia require new forms of collaboration. The main goal is to continue the cultural dialogue with the Russian creative sector. DutchCulture is therefore especially focusing on supporting and collaborating with independent cultural networks that are busy with the exchange of knowledge and small-scale projects.

2015-2016 Programme
Russia is one of the countries in DutchCulture’s New Cultural Horizons programme. Started in 2015, this programme explores new perspectives and forms of collaboration with a number of countries and regions, including Russia. With this programme, DutchCulture wants to promote future collaboration between the Dutch cultural sector and the Russian independent cultural field.

DutchCulture | Russia
DutchCulture | Russia also (co)organizes gatherings, meetings of experts, and work visits by Russian culture professionals to the Netherlands. If you have questions about working with Russia, you are welcome to come to us for information and personal advice.

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