About DutchCulture

DutchCulture is the strategic advice agency for international cultural cooperation, creating activities worldwide.

DutchCulture stimulates and supports international cooperation in art, culture and heritage. DutchCulture offers advice to cultural and diplomatic professionals operating in, or aspiring to operate in the international  arena. We work with numerous partners to organise cross-border cultural programmes. We are the government’s partner in the implementation of international cultural policy.  

DutchCulture is financed by a four-year subsidy (2017-2020) from both the Dutch Ministry of Education, Cultural Affairs and Science and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. For our European activities, we receive a contribution from the European Commission. Currently, 34 people work at DutchCulture. We are located in Amsterdam.

Among other things, DutchCulture provides information on European grants and on artist-in-residences throughout the world, organizes work visits for embassies and foreign experts, collects information on the export of Dutch culture, stimulates collaboration and coordinates cultural programmes.

Contact Details
We gladly share our information, advice and contacts with you through websites and social media, or during meetings and conversations in our office. You can find our contact info here.