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Cultural cooperation Poland-Netherlands 2021-2024

Cultural cooperation Poland-Netherlands 2021-2024

Looking forward: continuing dialogue and shared European values

The inclusion of three new European focal countries (Poland, Hungary and Spain) in the current international cultural policy of the Netherlands for 2021-2024, reflects the goal of strengthening the sense of a shared Europe and the wish to work together on a European level.  

The new position of Poland as a focal country means more room and resources to expand Polish-Dutch collaboration. The Dutch government will continue to seek political, social and cultural dialogue as before, but the objectives have become more diverse. In the period 2021-2024, the collaboration will focus on three objectives: strengthening the position of the Dutch cultural sector in Poland, supporting bilateral relationships and contributing to sustainable cities and communities. 

A strong position for the Dutch cultural sector

To strengthen the position of the Dutch cultural sector in Poland, it is vital to build and maintain relations with a wide range of Polish organisations. Sectors that play an important role here include the performing arts, the film and (to a certain extent) the literature sectors. In close consultation with the Performing Arts Fund NL (Netherlands), special efforts are made to expand the market for Dutch theatre. This includes intensifying the cooperation with a number of theatre festivals, for example, Dialog Festival and Malta Festival. 

With regard to music, there is a focus on both the alternative Polish club culture and classical music festivals. In the field of dance, Grand-(re)union, the Lublin Dance Festival and the Body/Mind Festival are long-term partners. Publishers interested in Dutch writers and universities which offer Dutch studies also play an important role in strengthening the position of the Dutch cultural sector in Poland.   

Furthermore, several cultural institutions and festivals based in Warsaw, Wrocław, Kraków, Poznań and Gdańsk offer a platform for free cultural expression and could therefore be interesting for Dutch makers. Cooperation with major international film festivals such as the WATCH DOCS Human Rights Film Festival, Docs Against Gravity, the Jewish Film Festival and the New Horizons film festival will contribute to increasing the economic value of the Dutch film industry.

Supporting bilateral relationships

The shared war history of the two nations also provides a basis for dialogue. In the current policy period, there is support for institutions working in the field of entangled heritage. Additionally, efforts are and will be made to foster knowledge exchange among professionals in different art disciplines and sectors through visitors programmes, carried out in collaboration with the Dutch national cultural funds, DutchCulture and specific festivals.

Sustainable cities and communities 

The Dutch embassy in Warsaw is in particular committed to contributing to Sustainable Development Goal 11: Make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. Projects related to this topic will be facilitated in collaboration with the economic department and through the EUNIC network. Promoting the Dutch creative industry and talent development in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals is a priority for the coming years. There is cooperation with a variety of Polish partners from the creative industry sector, such as the magazine ‘Murator Architectura’, the organisations ‘Elements Talks and Content stories’, and educational institutions such as the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology.

If feasible, cooperation with the Visegrad countries (Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic) on joint projects will be pursued.

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