Frevo orchestra Olinda, Pernambuco, Brazil (Wikimedia Commons, Prefeitura de Olinda)

Culture Talk: Music & citizenship in Brazil

How can music contribute to active citizenship and social integration? Join our Culture Talk and learn from the Brazilian experience.
Monday 14 May 2018, 15:30

Brazil has a rich history when it comes to socio-musical projects. Our guest Marcos Souza will elaborate on how music contributes to active citizenship in Brazil, including some best practices. He will also share his ideas on cooperation between Brazil and the Netherlands in the field of music.

In Brazil music and active citizenship have been connected in vital ways for a long time. On the one hand music has been used by Brazil’s communities - and most important musicians alike - to claim cultural, human and citizens’ rights. On the other hand music has also been used by the state to manage a socially, culturally and geographically diverse nation.

Marcos Souza is a Brazilian pianist and composer of soundtracks for film and dance. Currently he is Director of the Music Department of Funarte, Brazil’s National Foundation of the Arts. Funarte recently organized Brazil’s first Biennial on Music and Citizenship.

Date: Monday 14 May 2018
Time: 15:30-17:00 hrs
Language: English
Location: Munganga, Schinkelhavenstraat 27hs, Amsterdam
Entrance is free, please sign up by e-mailing Josine Backus

Please note: Afterwards on Monday 14 May at 20:00 hrs the Brazilian documentary Henfil will be screened at Munganga. Henfil (1944-1988) was a famous Brazilian cartoonist, caricaturist, journalist and writer. Stay tuned for the Q&A with Henfil’s nephew Marcos Souza who made the soundtrack for the film after the screening.