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COVID-19 Information for cooperation with Germany

COVID-19 Information for cooperation with Germany

On this page you will find information about consequences of the coronavirus for international cooperation with Germany


Latest update: 4 February 2021

General situation 

The COVID-19 situation in Germany is similar to the Netherlands. The Robert Koch Instituut, comparable to the Dutch RIVM, created a COVID-19 dashboard with the latest updates on numbers per region. The restrictions nationwide and per region are updated by the government, Bundesregierung, frequently.

  • Until the 14th of february the most imporant restrictions are the obligation to wear masks in all public buildings and transportation and the recommendations to work from home and restrict your contacts to one person a day. Like in the Netherlands, public life is in lockdown and gastronomy, cultural centres, zoos and all other areas for social gatherings are closed.
  • More information about the national and regional restrictions can be found here.
  • For information about how the German governement is handling COVID-19 and the impact of the virus on the economy, society and arts and culture, check the website of Duitsland Instituut Amsterdam

Cultural & creative sector

  • The German government published a complete overview of all the financial support measurements and funds for artists and cultural organizations living in Germany. The overview is updated regularly, besides the national funds there is also a large overview of all the local support systems in place, underneath the headline.

Cultural & creative initiatives

  • During the pandemic and home isolation, the diplomatic missions in Germany created a wonderful publication called ‘Recipes for the future’, for which they asked 16 artists working in Germany and the Netherlands to reflect on the future of the cultural field.
  • The Haus der Statistiek in Berlin became the Haus der Materialiserung, with many innovative sustainability strategies and initiatives that are fruitful for German-Dutch collaboration in the creative industries sector. 
  • At the Dutch Design Week 2020, the NL Embassy in Berlin initiated the virtual exhibition All GOOD(S) with Dutch and Germany artists. The initative is part of a longterm focus on bilateral collaboration in the area of Design, which can hopefully continue offline in 2021. 

Dutch diplomatic mission in Germany

  • The embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Berlin has cancelled all it’s live activities until the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. But they are hosting and promoting many online activities, so make sure to follow them on Facebook @botschaft.nl or Twitter @NLinDeutschland. You can also contact them directly at bln@minbuza.nl.

Travel advice

  • The Dutch ministry of Foreign affairs marks all of Germany as 'necessary travels only'. In order to stop the spreading of the virus in the Netherlands, as of January 23rd it is obligatory to have a negative PCR test and negative quicktest when entering the Netherlands by ship or plane. It is important to self-quarantine upon arriving in the Netherlands by any means of travelling for 10 days. You can find the restrictions in German here. 
  • The German ministry of Foreign affairs has marked the Netherlands as 'risikogebiet', area of risk. If you stayed in an area of risk for longer then 10 days, like the Netherlands you have to registrer at www.einreiseanmeldung.de and follow the steps there. 
  • You also have to show a negative testresult within 48 hours of entering the country. Almost in all cases you have selfquarantaine for 10 days as well, quarantain is taking seriously and will be checked upon regularly. 
  • The Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs has developed a mobile application for travel advice. By downloading this app (information in Dutch), you will receive updates if the travel recommendations for your country changes. 


If you have specific questions related to your project in this country, please contact our advisor Germany r.ebbers@dutchculture.nl. For general questions you can get in touch with our Mobility Info Point: infopoint@dutchculture.nl.

See here for more information on Germany in the International Cultural Policy and the database with Dutch cultural activities internationally.

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