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CODART is an international network of curators of Dutch and Flemish art. CODART aims to bring together individuals from all types and sizes of museums, with the goal to promote and encourage the exchange of expertise, works of art and exhibitions of Dutch and Flemish art worldwide. It works to raise awareness of the artistic heritage of the Low Countries internationally, by supporting the curator in his profession, by expanding knowledge about Dutch and Flemish masters, and by making their works visible and accessible to a large international audience.

Who is CODART?
CODART is its members: currently over 500 curators from more than 300 museums in over 40 countries. Not only from prestigious institutions such as the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, the Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten in Antwerp, the Prado in Madrid, The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Louvre in Paris, and the Hermitage in Saint Petersburg, but also from lesser-known collections in Australia, Cuba, Mexico, Poland and Ukraine. These curators serve a large audience: the museum-going public. This means that the target group ultimately reached by CODART is far larger than its membership, consisting not only of museum professionals and art historians, but also of museum visitors, art-lovers, students and the press.

In 2005 the Netherlands Council for Culture wrote of CODART: “CODART plays a seminal role in the field of Dutch and Flemish art. Through its activities, CODART makes an important contribution to research into Dutch and Flemish art, opening up collections and bringing curators of collections together.” It is a unique network that encompasses hundreds of museum professionals from around the world. There is no other platform, either real or virtual, that provides such a service. CODART encourages research into Dutch and Flemish art and the exchange of information throughout Europe and North America, but also in Eastern Europe and Latin America, and between these countries among themselves. It thus promotes the circulation of knowledge and expertise, of works of art, of exhibitions and human resources, for museums large and small. This website is unique and offers a wealth of information not to be found anywhere else in one place. Finally, CODART works to promote Dutch and Flemish cultural heritage in an international context.