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The National Archives, was established in 1958. It holds a vast quantity of historical data valuable to the over all national development thrust of the country. This is done in order to assist them in achieving their mission by seeking to acquire and preserve all public records that are of value for historical or official purposes.Under the National Archives Act, records include any manuscript, newspaper, picture,painting, document, register, printed material, book, map, plan, drawing, photograph negative and positive pictures; recorded information of any medium In 1982 the National Archives of Guyana Act was passed, thereby establishing the National Archives as a Department, with the Archivist as Officer-in-Charge, reporting to the Minister.This act provides for a National Archives Advisory Committee.Its members were appointed by the Minister.The main function of the Committee is to "Advise the Minister on matters of general archival policy and review the work and progress of the National Archives." As a Department the National Archives is charged with the custody of the Nations Official records.Records are created by the Government Department in during the discharge of their business.When the business that led to the creation of a particular record has been transaction, the immediate value of that record is at an end. But some record may have a further long-term value, to the value that is our concern at the National Archives. In the year 2000 a great milestone was reached when the micrographic unit was established to aid in preservation and conservation of fragile archival information. Over the years the National Archives has experienced great transitions while being managed by different Archivist each contributing to the development of the collection and preservation of the nations patrimony. In January 2008 a great milestone was reached when the National Archives was relocated to a new purpose built building at Durban Park Homestretch Avenue which saw the beginning of a new period in the history of the institution.

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