Other name (in original language)
Westkaapse Argiefbewaarplek

72, Roeland Street
Cape Town
South Africa

The mission of the Western Cape Archives and Record Services is to foster national identity by preserving national archival heritage.The collection started in 1876. The oldest documents date back as far as 1651 There are many collections available including manuscripts, photographic department and microfilms. See also: Verster, FP, 'A guided 'rummage' around the records of our history', Helderberg Sun (20 December 2005), 8. (Publication) Verster, FP, 'A journey through the Cape Colony 200 years ago', Village Life (December/January 2005-2006), 14. (Publication) Verster, FP, 'Archives extend a welcome to interested public', Village Life (October/November 2005), 3. (Publication) Verster, FP, 'Professor Walker se viool: 'n pleidooi vir oorspronklike navorsing', Quarterly Bulletin of the National Library of South Africa (June 2002), 139. (Publication) Verster, FP, 'The Archives: a fountainhead for fact or fiction', Cape Librarian (March/April 2006), 36. (Publication) Verster, FP, 'VOC-uitstalling in word en beeld by Kaapse Argief', BY, bylae tot Die Burger (23 November 2002), 2. (Publication)