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Mapping China: Visual Arts (Residence Programs)

Mapping China: Visual Arts (Residence Programs)

There are a number of Artist residency programs in China. Please refer to DutchCulture | Transartists database.

In Shenzhen, OCAT runs a three month A.I.R. program. For the past 2 years they have been supported by the Mondriaan Fund as a pioneering place. Dutch Artists such as Frank Havermans and Constant Dullaart have resided there.

In Beijing, Imagine Gallery, 3 Shadows, Red Gate Gallery, C-Space and Art Channel all run A.I.R. programs. Red Gate Gallery provides artists opportunities to live and work in China for up to four months. Imagine Gallery provides artists, curators, academics and writers residencies and has two studio apartments available for international artists. The Chen Ling Hui Contemporary Space (Caocangdi) was established in April 2008 and includes the International Artists Residency Program “for the development of outstanding Asian contemporary artists, as well as the building of an international for pushing Asian contemporary art onto a global stage.

Platform China also runs residencies. Institute for Provocation (IfP) runs the A.I.R. program for the Dutch Foundation Mondriaan Fund. They have provided a home for a great number of Dutch artists including Serge Onnen and Zoro Feigel

In Shanghai, the Duolan Museum of Modern Art and BizArt run international artist-in-residence programs.

In Guangzhou Park19 iand Vitamin C space are the most famous international residencies.


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