Myriam Sahraoui, Morocco

Myriam Sahraoui, Morocco

I was born in Morocco to a Moroccan father and a Dutch mother. I’ve always lived at the intersection of two worlds, and bringing these worlds together is one of my life’s major themes: all my work either directly derives from or was inspired by it.

After completing my education in European Studies at the University of Amsterdam, I worked at a number of different organisations, including the European Commission in Brussels and the NOS (Dutch Broadcasting Foundation). As a documentary researcher, I discovered the power of narrative and real encounters. At the NTR (a public broadcaster), I was responsible for the Prix Europa Iris, the European prize for the best intercultural documentary. We also created Groeten uit Holland with Jalal Bouzamour, a series following five Moroccan first-generation women.

Together with Elly Ludenhoff, Nazmiye Oral and Adelheid Roosen, I founded the theatre company Zina. I also worked with psychotherapist Jale Simsek to develop IK ontmoet MIJ (I meet/meets ME), a training in emotional bodywork for men and women with migrant backgrounds. I also fulfil a number of managerial positions in the cultural and social fields.

In my job as Morocco Advisor at DutchCulture, I work to create more interest and awareness in the Dutch cultural field for the beautiful cultural world of Morocco and the opportunities for collaboration.

I live in Amsterdam with my husband and our two children.