Shared Cultural Heritage 2016, National Archives in facts and figures

National Archives: 2016 projects in facts and figures

2016 has almost come to an end; time to itemise the activities of the Shared Heritage team of the National Archives of the Netherlands in facts and figures.

In 2016, the Shared Heritage team at the National Archives received 17 foreign delegations, made 1,393,719 scans of historical documents, restored 160 meters of archives, digitised almost 309 meters of archives, had six interns strengthening the team and organised two workshops: one on archival studies and the other on first-line conservation. This was all executed in 17 projects and in collaboration with nine partner countries: Australia, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Suriname and the United States.   

What about 2017?
The National Archives’ plans for 2017 are full of ambition, and will focus on continuing to digitise Dutch collections all over the world. Furthermore, there will be more emphasis on building capacity and increasing the accessibility of (digitised) archives. Another ambition for the coming year(s) is to increase the scanning activities in Indonesia.