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The Council for Culture gives a positive advice to DutchCulture’s subsidy application

On 4 June, the Council for Culture published its advice for the period 2021-2024.
12 June 2020

The Council for Culture published its recommendations for the Basic Cultural Infrastructure (BIS) 2021-2024. DutchCulture has applied for a grant to once again fulfill the function of a supporting institution for International Culture Policy in the next four years.

The Council for Culture is positive about DutchCulture's application, but based on the assessment of the complete activity plan, they also recommend that we should elaborate on a number of points.

In the opinion of the Council, the strength of DutchCulture lies in its helicopter position towards the cultural sector and the many avenues at its disposal through its excellent international network.

Steps ahead

DutchCulture looks forward to working even more intensively from 2021 onwards to take cultural and creative professionals a step further in their international ambitions. We do this from an integral vision, based on the combination of Dutch International Cultural Policy, the national cultural policy and the European programmes. We intend to increase the involvement of makers and institutions, so that we can respond better to their needs and questions. We will also continue to invest in our relations with Dutch diplomatic missions in the coming years and will focus, more strongly than before, on cities and regions. Important themes are Europe and the European Union and Fair International Cultural Cooperation (inclusive and sustainable cooperation). DutchCulture offers practical information, advice and access to the network, and is committed to reflection & debate and research & development. The current crisis shows the international connection and the importance of exchange and cooperation. Art and culture have once again proved their imagination and connective power.

Now more than ever, we believe in a world in which international cultural cooperation and exchange enrich society.


Are you interested in the entire subsidy application? You can read it via this link or download below (Dutch).

The advice of the Council for Culture can be read here or download below (Dutch).

The Council for Culture is a body established by law to advise the Dutch Government and Parliament on the arts, culture and media. The Council provides recommendations regarding the cultural policy in the Netherlands, whether it is requested of them or not.