Infected Cities: a series of ten LIVECASTS about the impact of COVID-19

Infected Cities: a series of ten LIVECASTS about the impact of COVID-19

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How do different metropolises deal with the corona pandemic and the value of arts & culture in these cities? A series organised together with Pakhuis de Zwijger

Infected Cities

The COVID-19 pandemic has an enormous impact worldwide on areas such as employment, health care, social services and the economy, both now and in the coming period. While it is clear that everyone is affected by this pandemic, the impact is certainly not the same for different countries, continents, cities and different groups of people. In this series we will talk more about how different cities deal with the pandemic and the value of arts and culture in these cities that is now even more visible. Together with Pakhuis de Zwijger we will search for different so called ‘city makers’, think of artists, creatives and volunteers. They can give us an insight into their daily works and explain how they commit to make an impact during this pandemic and support those who suffer the most. Who are these people and what roles can creatives (designers, makers, writers and other storytellers) take to have a social impact in their city?

All LIVECASTs will be moderated by journalist, media educator and writer Zoë Papaikonomou. The guests will be experts from different fields. In particular, the highlight will be on artists and creatives with a connection to the Netherlands.


Every Thursday from May 7th until July 2nd, a LIVECAST about a different city will be aired via the platform of Pakhuis de Zwijger. We will have a closer look on the impact of the pandemic in cities that have a high number of inhabitants; the so called metropolises. The cities are located in countries that are part of the Dutch International Cultural Policy. In total nine LIVECASTS will air about nine cities.

When and how to watch?

The LIVECASTS of Infected Cities are planned as follows, all times in CEST. Click on the link for the webpage with more information and the links to register and watch the episode online.

Thursday May 7th, 6.30 - 8pm - Infected Cities #1: New York City, United States

Thursday May 14th, 2 - 3pm - Infected Cities #2: Jakarta, Indonesia

Thursday May 21st, 8.30 - 9.30pm - Infected Cities #3: Cairo, Egypt

Thursday May 28th, 4 - 5pm - Infected Cities #4: Moscow, Russia

Thursday June 4th, 4 - 5pm - Infected Cities #5: São Paulo, Brazil

Thursday June 11th, 2 - 3.30pm - Infected Cities #6: Shanghai, China

Thursday June 18th, 6.30 - 7.30pm - Infected Cities #7: Johannesburg, South Africa

Thursday June 25th, 4 - 5pm - Infected Cities #8: Istanbul, Turkey

Thursday July 2nd, 2 - 3pm - Infected Cities #9: Tokyo, Japan

Friday July 3rd, 4 - 5pm - Infected Cities #10: Special on Covid-19 and BIPOC communities

Soon after the episodes are broadcasted, the recording and reflection will be available via the DutchCulture news page.

The series Infected Cities is developed in collaboration with Pakhuis de Zwijger.


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